From the Archives was a project curated by The Modernist Society and Architect, Richard Brook with help from John Davis.

The result was 6 photobooks (and limited edition boxset) that used photographic slides from the Special Collections and Manchester Metropolitan University.

These photobooks looked into the ‘New Towns’ of Britain such as Hulme and Skelmersdale. The images themselves were honestly edited, with minor colour correction, to show them as close as they would have been on a slide projector.

The circular graphical treatment on the front covers comes from the index that slide archivists use to denote what category the slide belonged to. Sometimes they would use different colours, and even mark the circles with pen.

We drew alot of similarities from our work with John Davis, the slide archivist who helped us greatly with the project, to the work of Christian Mengelt and Lineto type foundry that digitised Haas Unica in 2016 from the original dust covered drawings in the the 1970s. This story influenced us to typeset the books in Unica77.