To celebrate students final year students reaching the final hurdle of their studying at Manchester School of Art, the students are asked to attend a fashion show in London along with many other fashion institutes around the UK.

We were asked to create the visual identity and branding for the course at Manchester School of Art, to be shown in London and in Manchester.

The response was inspired by the show itself, that used fluorescent glow lights, which the models walked past when on the catwalk, as it had to have a consistent look, and not out of place.

We started with the letter ‘M’ for Manchester as our starting point, which was reflected to create a pattern for it’s obvious links to the making of garments.

This became the key focus of the campaign, and different vibrant colour schemes were applied to the running orders, projections and invites throughout the duration of the campaign. All printed materials designed to use Overprinted inks to resemble intertwining threads.